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Monday, November 19, 2007

New theme: The Belly

Week 27: Making an entry now with what I forecast will be the increasing theme of the months ahead: my belly taking over my life. It's not that it's so much bigger than a few weeks ago, but it's starting to be a tangible presence in ways that are a little hard to put a finger on. Yes, I'm losing a few more shirts from my repertoire, but a it's more a steady feeling of tightness at the muscle level (not just skin stretch) and a lack of forgiveness after larger meals. Speck is some two pounds now, and going to at least triple that over the next three months, so I suspect that the shifts in available space (for food, air, etc.) will become more noticeable, and there may be shifts in posture and new muscle aches to follow. More when I see how this pans out...

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Anonymous said...

The real question is...can you still see your toes when you look straight down? (no cheating and bending over!)

I wish I had kept a journal of my pregnancies like you are doing. You think you'll never forget any of it, but of course you do.

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