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A Grumpy Guide to Pregnancy

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Becoming unweildy

Week 31: Well, the belly is definitely becoming the defining aspect of my experience now. I struggle to roll over in bed at night, am awakened by discomfort in abdomen and hips, get out of breath doing simple things, find it increasingly difficult to work my shoes and socks. (And, you know, find my tiny line of belly fat, way down there almost out of sight, when insulin time rolls around.) Have also had a couple of bouts of nausea that kept me lying on a couch, and every time I stretch in bed I risk triggering a series of leg cramps (at any level of my leg!!)... Plus, Speck's little kicks and roiling have become pretty eye-opening all on their own at times.

At the same time, I find it faintly alarming that we're down to a two-month countdown! The bedroom may be ready, but there's still plenty on the To Do list!


Anonymous said...

In my head, I have 36 weeks as a marker -- kid can arrive reasonably safely anytime after that. So if you're lucky (in one sense), she'll come a bit early and spare you a few weeks of discomfort! (But then there's that whole losing a month of prep-time...)


ACM said...

I think I also think of 36 weeks as a thing, which makes being in week 31 a bit alarming -- we're really doing this!