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Friday, January 25, 2008

Count-down time

Week 36: Well, this is it; anything from here on out is "full term." That means that my busywork doctor appointments now include an internal exam to see whether any dilation or effacement is occuring (no, and a tiny bit), and next week we'll talk about a date for induction, should such be necessary. Meantime, am trying to get one literary project done and out the door, and we're having some folks over this weekend as a last gasp of adults-only gathering time.

Things I'm aware of this week: starting and stopping. That is, when I've been sitting for an hour or so, it's hard to get moving -- in particular, I have a pain in the small geographical expanse below my belly, as though it had been getting bent uncomfortably, and it takes a few minutes of moving around to work it out (and I walk stiffly meantime). Conversely, when I've been walking for a while (as when commuting, but also while doing stuff around the house), I find myself huffing and puffing when I stop; I guess this means it's more effort than it feels like? Anyway, it all makes me feel more afunctional than I already did . . .

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Medley said...

Yay full-term! That's a big milestone!