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Monday, October 22, 2007

Feed me, Seymour!

Weeks 6-7: Ohmygoodness! the hunger! I've been hungry before, but this is an entirely different scale -- like when you put off a meal for long enough that you start to feel almost nauseated at the same time as you're desperately hungry. I started taking snacks to work -- a whole grocery bag full! In addition to my usual breakfast, a hearty lunch, and dinner, I easily polish off an apple, a yogurt or two, a fistful of pretzel rods with a square of cheddar cheese, maybe a granola bar on top of that. It's almost an hourly pang.

On the flip side, I have developed a general food aversion (all food seems unappealing) and a low-level nausea almost all the time. I suppose I had it lucky to avoid the morning sickness that plagued my sister-in-law (and many others), but it's hard to eat when everything seems unappealing when considered for very long. Eating seems like a chore, and if it weren't for Spouse's willingness to cook evening meals, I couldn't face the fridge long enough to put anything together -- somehow once I get eating, it seems ok (or maybe the tastiness trumps the drudgery or distaste). A weird mix, but I was somewhat reassured to find out on the Internet that others felt the same way. (In fact, some people have such problems with the combination of food aversion and nausea that they actually lose weight during the first trimester. I manage to eat enough to do ok.)

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