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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Settling into this silliness

Weeks 15-16: Lots of the same from recent weeks -- eating a ton, have to take things slower, up several times per night to pee. Also, I've been walking like a sailor for several weeks (again, without really having any change in center of gravity to justify it, leading one to think this is about joint relaxation, etc.) -- can't remember precisely when that started.

my swollen ankleTwo new things:
  1. My feet have started to swell in the course of the day (although they're really always larger than they were) -- I can barely get into my tennis shoes and a couple of other pairs of shoes with laces. (I'd have thought loafers more forgiving, but nope: they don't expand enough across the arch.) For comparison with my normal ankle, see here.

  2. Am going to regular monthly OB checkups now, which are very unexciting. I give a urine sample (after elaborate use of an alcohol swab), have my weight and blood pressure measured by a nurse (with no comment on the results), and then the doctor stops in for two minutes to find the baby's heartbeat with Doppler. More time in the waiting room than in the exam room, and not much to take home from the experience...
Week 17: More fun side-effects of the hormone parade. The drippy nose has irritated my throat until I have a frequent dry cough, meh. Not allowed to take Flonase or anything else that might stave off my tendency to bronchial infections -- am becoming religious with an evening NETI pot to compensate. Also, major acne, beyond my ability to really do much about it. Double meh. More debilitating is that I'm now in constant threat of heartburn (battling with the recurrent hunger), which becomes a particular problem at night. Have to prop myself upright on pillows for at least half an hour before sliding down into a more comfy sleeping position, and Tums are always handy.

On the amusing front, both Spouse and I have ceased to be of interest to our parents/in-laws, who now ask after only doctor visits and baby news during calls.

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AboveAvgJane said...

Week 16: a co-worker used to ask me about my "oil and lub jobs" when I went to those quickie doctor's visits.

Week 17: your family will never be interested in you again. Sometimes this is a GREAT thing!!! But the baby's every wiggle or coo will be scrutinized from a variety of angles.