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Monday, October 22, 2007

Realignment of reward structure

Weeks 8-9: Settling into a major eating routine -- probably 15 min out of every hour are spent snacking, and I'm already tired of all my initial snack foods, since the food aversion is ramping up. Sometimes the only way I can get myself to eat is to read something while I'm doing it . . .

At the same time, my lack of energy and general weekend listnessness continue, but now I note that I haven't played my online game (see week 5) even once in a week. It's partly a continuation of the feeling that even opening my computer is Hard, but really I just suddenly have no interest in logging in -- the compulsion (and/or allure) is completely gone. It makes me feel strange (and I was just made co-head of my social clan, so had to apologize for vanishing)...

Weeks 10-11: Things much the same as above, but I'm having some periods of extended nausea. Have tried "sea bands" (those wrist straps with an acupressure bead to prevent seasickness), which help, but mostly I just try to ride it out. No actual vomiting, but unpleasantly close sensations. Somehow managing to keep the (superimposed) hunger at bay, although I have to distract myself most of the time I'm eating.

On the up side, it's taking so much concentration to get through my day, what with eating and all, that I'm doing little web surfing or other time-frittering, and am probably posting record productivity at work. whee.

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